No matter the size of your business, you’ll need to think about marketing. Whether that means finding new clients or developing campaigns that target specific audiences, this article covers all the basics.

At its core, marketing is about reaching out to your customers and potential customers at the right time and in the right place.

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that marketing is only for large corporations, but this is not true!

Marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for small businesses as well as larger companies.

Great examples of small-business marketing include:

• Using social media to interact with current and potential users/consumers

• Creating a website to convert prospects into clients (also shows up on Google searches)

• Networking with friends, family members and other business owners to spread brand awareness

As you can see, there’s no limit to what you can do to market your business.

If you’re interested in learning how to market your business, this ultimate guide is a great place to start!

It covers all the basics of online marketing as well as offline marketing.

By the end of this article, you should be able to successfully run a marketing campaign for your business or even help out another small-business owner with their campaign!

Now let’s dive right into it. First up is…

  1. Online Marketing: This type of marketing encompasses everything on the Internet including social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, creating an effective website and search engine optimization (SEO).

What It Is: Online marketing encompasses everything on the Internet that can benefit your company as well as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Why It Matters: It’s important to have an effective website that shows up on the first page of Google for your industry, as well as social-media accounts if you’re targeting a household consumer as opposed to a business buyer.

What You Need: Using online marketing tactics like SEO and updating your company website frequently can bring in new customers and help you stay ahead of your competition. If done correctly, it only takes a few months to see results!

  1. Off-line Marketing: This type of marketing includes everything that doesn’t fall under the umbrella of “online marketing,” such as meeting with potential customers and networking.

What It Is: Off-line marketing includes everything that doesn’t fall under the umbrella of online marketing, which means all forms of offline advertising including leaflets, posters and networking events.

Why It Matters: When you meet with potential clients in person, they’re more likely to remember your business because it leaves a lasting impression on them. Also, meeting with people face-to-face can help strengthen bonds between you and others who may be able to help out your business one day! Networking is a great way to get more exposure so it’s important not to overlook this aspect when developing a marketing plan for your company.

When done correctly, results can be generated within a matter of weeks!

  1. Sales: This marketing tactic revolves around the products or services that you sell and how you promote them.

What It Is: Understanding and engineering the path your prospects follow to become customers, and experimenting with the variables in that process including in-person tactics, pricing and communication with prospects before and after a sale.

Why It Matters: When you have a product that consumers are willing to pay more for, it can really help boost your overall profit margin.

What You Need: To market your business successfully using this method, be sure to offer items with high perceived value so customers are inclined to purchase them! That way, you can charge more and be left with customers happy to pay the premium.

  1. Event Marketing: This marketing tactic involves hosting events, either in-person or through social media or B2B conferencing solutions, in order to promote your product/service.

What It Is: Including various interactive activities at a hosted event so it’s not just a boring old meet-and-greet! That way you can really get to know your customers and vice versa.

Why It Matters: When people have a good time at an event that they’re attending, they’re going to do one thing when they leave — tell their friends about it! Also, if you’ve created a brand for yourself as well as your company this is great opportunity to solidify the connection between the two.

What You Need: For an event to be a success, you must plan it carefully and make sure there are plenty of activities for visitors to do when they arrive. Having giveaways is another way to keep attendees excited about attending your next event!

  1. Direct Mail Marketing: This marketing tactic involves sending physical pieces of mail with information about your company in order to reach potential customers or clients.

What It Is: This type of marketing includes items like postcards, flyers and pamphlets that can be sent out via snail mail in order to get people’s attention!

Why It Matters: It’s important that your business has a unique look so you stand out from your competition. A direct mail piece that catches people’s attention can help you accomplish that.

What You Need: Make sure your direct mail marketing pieces are eye-catching so they’ll be received by the intended audience. Also, have a call to action that directs customers to take specific actions on the piece — whether it’s browsing your website or signing up for an e-newsletter.

  1. Email Marketing: This type of marketing includes sending out emails to your current and potential customer base to keep them updated on products/promotions or provide links for them to click on.

What It Is: Keeping people interested in your company via email is more personal than other types of advertisements because you’re communicating with them directly! Plus, it allows you to show people what your company is all about.

Why It Matters: This type of marketing should be used to keep customers engaged with your brand. They’ll remember you more because the emails they receive from you will likely contain information about products/services that match their interests.

What You Need: You must have a large database to successfully market your business through this method. It’s also important to create compelling subject lines and send out emails on a regular basis so people know when to expect them! For instance, if your website includes an e-newsletter sign-up box, email marketing can be used as another way for new subscribers to learn about recent additions and upcoming items related to your company.

  1. Social Media Marketing: This marketing tactic involves using and promoting your business/products on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach a wider audience.

What It Is: One of the biggest benefits of social media is that you can use it as an outlet for customer service — easily responding to questions, concerns and comments from people all over the world!

Why It Matters: When potential customers search for information about your company or services, they’re likely to come across what other consumers have said online. Therefore, it’s important that you monitor these posts and reply accordingly!

What You Need: You’ll need accounts with popular social media sites and time and dedication to successfully market your business. Make sure your social media accounts are a clear reflection of the image you’d like to convey for your business and that they include a link back to your website.

  1. Referral Marketing: This type of marketing involves using or creating word-of-mouth opportunities to get people talking about what you do!

What It Is: This can involve getting clients to refer their friends and family members so the cycle continues, but it also includes having other individuals talk about how great your company is on their own terms.

Why It Matters: Because this type of marketing tactic relies on current customers sharing what you provide with others, it’s extremely helpful when trying to reach new audiences who might be interested in what you have to offer.

What You Need: You need a marketing plan that encourages your current customers to refer individuals they know to your company. This could be as simple as offering incentives or discounts for referrals or creating promotional materials that highlight happy customer stories and testimonials.

  1. Social Media Optimization: This marketing technique involves using search engine optimization (SEO) and social media sites and applications to boost the visibility of your business/products on web-based searches.

Why It Matters: It’s important for potential customers researching your company online to find easy access to information about what you do, whether it’s through reviews or success stories from previous clients! SEO will help people find out more information about your business and social media optimization will keep the word going.

How to Do It: You can use a variety of different web-based services, such as Twitter and Facebook, to promote your business. You should also be including links back to your website on all your online profiles so people know where they can go for more information!

The most important thing to remember with marketing is that it takes time and effort. You can’t expect immediate results from your endeavors, but rather you should work towards long-term goals like building up an email list of prospective customers or creating a loyal customer base through good marketing and great follow-up service.